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CODA/HMFD- Hearing Children of Deaf Adults

CODA, means Children of Deaf Adults. Millie Brother grew up with Deaf parents. She set up the organisation CODA in 1983 in the USA. CODA has members all over the world, including Britain. There is a CODA newsletter four times a year. Since 1986 CODA has had a conference every year. Normally, this is held in one of the States in America. One conference took place outside the USA, in 1999, near Brisbane on the Gold Coast of Australia after the World Federation of the Deaf Conference. The CODA conference this year will be held in Spain after WFD. The conferences are just like a big Deaf club, but for adult hearing children (who call themselves Codas). Codas get together, have a lot of fun and learn a lot. There is entertainment and they communicate using speech (when they feel like it) and sign language (when they feel like it). For more information visit

What is happening in Britain?

The Past

In 1990, in Brighton, the British Deaf Association had their 100yr anniversary where HMFD, Hearing-Mother Father Deaf, similar to CODA was set up (This is what a hearing child says in BSL to a Deaf person, when asked, “Are you Deaf?” and stands for Hearing-me, Mother Father Deaf).

The HMFD meetings were like a small Deaf Club for adult hearing children. They were fun, for example, someone said  ‘Hearing parents? How odd!’ Experiences and ideas could be shared without needing to explain. There was a feeling of pride and affection as well as wanting things to be better for future generations of Deaf parents and their Hearing Children. There was an HMFD newsletter.


17 years later there are no HMFD meetings. Instead there is a CODA UK- Eire e group. This is a closed group for hearing-born adult children (18 years and older) of Deaf parents.

So, if you are a CODA and want to join CODA UK-Eire e-group, please send a BLANK e-mail message to:

Or contact Deaf Parenting UK for more information.

Most below can be obtained from the Forest Bookshop

Lou Ann Walker (1986) Loss for Words: A story of Deafness in a family. Fontana/Collins ISBN 0 00 637169-8.

Ruth Sidransky (1990) In Silence: Growing up Hearing in a Deaf World. St Martins Press ISBN 0-312 04589-1

Percy Corfmat (1990) “Please Sign Here” The World of the Deaf. Was out of print but try Forest Book shop.

Occasional Paper No 4 DRT. Special Needs or Special Breed? Hearing Children of Deaf Adults Study Day April 9th 1991. Was out of print but try Forest Book shop.

Film Love is Never Silent based on the book by Joanne Greenberg (1970) In This Sign. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Passport Without A Country – Video Centre for Deafness Studies and Research, Nathan, Queensland, Australia. Forest Book Shop (Shown in two parts on Ch4 “Sign On”  in May 1993)

Paul Preston (1994) Mother Father Deaf. Havard Press. ISBN 0–6745-8747-2.

Thomas Bull  (1998) On the Edge Of Deaf Culture Hearing Children/Deaf parents Deaf Family Research Press Alexandria VA. Forest Book Shop Bonnie Kraft.

Tomorrow Dad Will Still be Deaf– Video Dawn Sign Press – Ask for the PAL open caption version!
Jenny Singleton  (2002) Article in CSD Spectrum – Hearing Children of Deaf parents Bridging Two Languages and Cultures.

For the CODA International Website – this does sometimes have information regarding KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) see also

Lenard Davis (1998/9) A Childhood Between Sound and Silence

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