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International Support

Comments of support from International to DPUK:

Makhosini P. Makhubu, Executive Director, Swaziland National Association of the Deaf

“Congratulating to your additional membership. We are as well campaign to establish Deaf Parent Working Group in Swaziland that will oversee the support and action on development assistance as well as care in Swaziland, Africa.”

Millie Brother, Children of Deaf Adults International Founder

“I was so impressed with the work of your organisation. As a hearing daughter of Deaf parents, it warms my heart to know that you are working so hard to improve the quality of life for Deaf parent/hearing child families. Please accept my gratitude and pass that along to the others that work with you.”

Isabella, Austria

“I checked your website very interesting and recommended it to some children of deaf adults in Austria/Germany. Wish to stay in touch.”

Raúl Ceberio, General Secretary – The Board of the Association of the Deaf Chile

“The Board of the Association of the Deaf Chile wished Deaf Parenting UK and having great success in the projects ahead.”

World Federation of Deaf People (WFD)

World Federation of Deaf People wrote in their WFD Newsletter (December 2008) that in United Kingdom, Deaf Parenting UK is a very active organisation for Deaf parents.”

 Deaf Ukrainians “Our Life” newspaper

“With a big pleasure I read your newsletter – it was so very interesting and cognitive – it’s so nice gift before X-mas. And we printed it in our newspaper for Deaf Ukrainians ‘Our life’.” Nathalie Kamenskaya, Editor of “Our life” newspaper.

 Karli Dettman, Austrailia

“Its wonderful to read what you have achieved with Deaf parenting. Well done!”


A Greek student in University of Patraswas had contacted Deaf Parenting UK and wrote: “I admire the Deaf Parenting UK website and writing of pregnancy and birth a guide for deaf women book written by Sabina Iqbal and her dissertation. I intent to proceed in a research similar to Sabina’s research concerning Deaf parenting issues in my country.

There are only a few studies/research on this issue worldwide and it would be a great opportunity to try investigating this subject in Greece – a European country.”

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