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Deaf Parenting Skills

Deaf Parenting UK has a pool of Parenting Skills Trainers who are Deaf and deliver Parenting Skills Courses for Deaf parents of young children and Teenagers.

  • We typically give 2 hours workshops to a group of maximum 12 Deaf parents at a hired venue.
  • Provide information, support and advice on positive parenting
  • Talk about own experience of parenting and sharing ideas with one another
  • Learn new skills to develop a better relationship within your family.

Click here to view/download the DPUK Parenting Skills Courses Poster (PDF)

Feedback from Deaf parents:

Parents quotes on how they felt they  have benefited from the parenting skills courses…

 “This course had been great to access information and get support, thank you for giving me the opportunity to join” 

 “I found this course very useful and made me feel a little more confident” 

 “Interesting course with lots of great ideas and information” 

 “Good experience and worth it!” 

 “Fantastic and a brilliant course” 

 “It is also good to know that the other mothers share the same feelings about their worries or concerns about bringing up children.” 

 “It is good to have a deaf mum as a facilitator, a role model who can empathise and give support if or when needed”

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