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Please select link below in order to download/view the following research papers.

Sabina Iqbal’s Dissertation 2001: “Deaf Parenting: Raising a child – An initial study on Deaf parents with children aged 0-11 years in  San Francisco Bay Area, USA. (PDF format)

Jennifer Bond’s Dissertation 2006:  “Deaf people are parents too: Deaf parents’ access to parenting courses”

Lorna Allsop and Jim Kyle Research Report 1997: “Deaf Parents and their Hearing Children”, Bristol Deaf Studies Trust

If you are researching on the subject of Deaf parenting, we hope you will find our website useful. Feel free to contact us for more information.

In return, we would appreciate if you could submit your research paper and have it available on our website for other students/professionals interested in Deaf parenting.

Relevant articles on Deaf Parenting Issues and some other disability issues of interest:

HAD’s Access Magazine now out (Autumn 2010)

Deaf postman acts as midwife (July 2010) and this was also featured in Metro newspaper.

DCSF’s Call for Evidence – Deadline 2weeks time (14th Feb 2010)

Tesco’s Charitable Mum of the Year 2010, Sabina Iqbal (Feb 2010)

Sabina featured in Emel Magazine – Feb 2010

Parent power (Disability Now – Autumn 2009)

NAHT Website – Deaf parenting conference UK Press release (July 2009)

The Practising Midwife Volume 12 – Deaf Parenting UK (May 2009)

Meet the 13 most powerful Muslim women in Britain (March 2009)

Signing with my baby– Deaf father’s experience (Ouch! website, June 2010)

Education, education, education – Deaf parents speak out for policy change (DCAL Newsletter, Nov 2009)

Protecting deaf and disabled children (NSPCC website)

Deaf Parenting UK Conference 2009 on Sign-Tube

Deaf Mum on front cover of NCT’s NewGen Magazine, March 2009

Should UK couple be allowed to choose a deaf embryo? (Parent Dish, March 2008)

Parenting CODA: Child(ren) of Deaf Adult(s) (Blog website July 2007)

Every Parents Matter magazine 1997

Supporting disabled parents and parents with additional support needs 2006 (full report from SCIE website)

Asian Deaf Author to Reduce Traumatic Pregnancy (May 2004)

Supporting disabled adults in their parenting role 2002 (JRF report)

Deaf Parenting – a meeting of Healthy Deaf Minds (first appeared in November/December 2001 issue of the BATOD Association Magazine)

Deaf Families Featured in a Government Parenting Campaign

Two videos has been produced by and for Deaf parents in the UK as part of Everyday Adventures in Parenting; with the support of the Parent Know How programme from the Department for Children, School and Families.

In British Sign Language:

  • My Favourite Day: Lending a Hand: Deaf parents Louis and Paula get involved in their children’s school life
  • Moving on Up: Two Deaf families find that after school clubs have allowed them to find new jobs and make the most of existing ones


DPPI Good Practices Guide:

Increasing Deaf Awareness (Number 47: Summer 2004)

Choice, equity and accessibility ( Number 48: Winter 2004 /2005)

Deaf parenting: the silent bond (Number 49: Spring 2005)

Positive aspects of deaf parenting (Number 50: Summer 2005)

Deaf parenting: tailor-made support (Number 51: Autumn 2005)

Midwives gain valuable insights (Number 53/54: Spring/Summer 2006)

Innovative DVDs for deaf parenting? (Number 53/54: Spring/Summer 2006)

Resources: Parent and child sign language (Number 53/54: Spring/Summer 2006)

Value of service user involvement (Number 55: Autumn 2006)

Upholding parents’ rights (Number 55: Autumn 2006)

Finding the right school (Number 58: Summer 2007)

Guidance for midwives and nurses (Number 58: Summer 2007)

New school resources – Working with deaf parents: a guide for educational professionals (Number 58: Summer 2007)

Sign and bond (Number 59: Autumn 2007)

Involving parents is key to success (Number 60: Winter 2007/2008)

Deaf parenting website (Number 60: Winter 2007/2008)

Fostering and donor conception (Number 60: Winter 2007/2008)

Individual budgets pilot (Number 61: Spring 2008)

Finding my way to fatherhood (Number 61: Spring 2008)

Becoming an adoptive parent (Number 61: Spring 2008)

Disability in pregnancy and childbirth (Number 61: Spring 2008)

Accessible miscarriage resources (DPPI Journal 62: Summer 2008)

Communicating in easy words and pictures (DPPI Journal 62: Summer 2008)

Reaching out project resource (DPPI Journal 63: Autumn 2008)

Pre-natal testing—yes or no? (DPPI Journal 64: Winter 2008/2009)

Fertilisation rights and wrongs (DPPI Journal  65: Spring 2009)

Deaf parents with hearing children (DPPI Journal  65: Spring 2009)

Accessible pregnancy handbook launched (DPPI Journal 66: Summer 2009)

The need to be heard (DPPI Journal 68: Spring 2010)

Supporting disabled parents – a family or a fragmented approach (DPPI Journal 68: Spring 2010)

Think child, think parent, think family: a guide to parental mental health and child welfare (DPPI Journal 68: Spring 2010)

Supporting Deaf mothers (DPPI Journal 69: Summer 2010)

Parental involvement in education (DPPI Journal 69: Summer 2010)

Working with deaf women (DPPI Journal 70: Autumn 2010)

Upholding family rights (DPPI Journal 71: Winter 2010/11)

Life is about helping each other – Tanni Grey Thompson’s interview (DPPI article, August 2012)

Rocking the cradle: a ensuring the rights of parents with disabilities and their children (DPPI article, December 2012)

On being a Deaf mom (DPPI website, May 2013)

Teaching student midwives to sign (DPPI Journal 74: Autumn 2011). Bernadette Gregory, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery was one of the winner of DPUK Award 2011 for the best practice in supporting Deaf parent category.

The experience of Deaf parents Hulusi Bati and Nadia Hassan is not unique (DPPI website January 2014)

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