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Useful Reading

Most of the organisations listed in this chapter will have free or low-cost leaflets and books.

Feel free to have a look at their website or send off for a list of their publications. We have also included some books, leaflets and videos that have been particularly recommended by Deaf parents and professionals working with Deaf parents.

There are many books and videos for Parents of Deaf Children and Children’s story books. Here are a few of many ~

Another useful websites to look at are:

For Parents of a Deaf Baby

  • When your Child is Deaf: A guide for Parents: Paperback (David Luterman & Mark Ross)

For Parents of a Deaf Child

  • Raising and Educating a Deaf Child: Paperback (Marc Marshark)
  • You and Your Deaf Child: A self-help guide for parents of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children: Paperback (John W Adams)
  • Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children: Paperback (Denise Chapman Weston)

Communicating with your Deaf Child

  • The Signing Family: Paperback (D A Stewart, B Luetke-Stahlman)
  • Deaf Children Talking: The Parents guide to the Natural Aural Approach: Loos-leaf
  • An Introduction to Cued Speech: Paperback (Cued Speech Association)

Signing with a Deaf Baby

  • My First Signs: Board book (Illustrated by Annie Kubler)

Signed Stories for Young Deaf Children

  • Opposites & Happy Birthday: Board Book (A. Bednarczyk & J. Weinstock)
  • Songs in Sign for Children: Spiral-bound (Elaine McBean – Cleveland Sign Resource Project, Beverly School for the Deaf)
  • Washing Day: Spiral-bound (Ian Beharrell)

British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) publications:

BILD has produced a very good booklet about pregnancy and childbirth. The booklet is easy to understand and has lots of pictures.

To order/purchase a copy contact Plymbridge Distributors on 01752 202301 (voice) or e-mail

  • Your Good Health – Pregnancy and Childbirth ISBN 1 902519 884
  • I Want to be a Good Parent – Book 2
    Children need healthy food ISBN 1 873791 41 0
  • I Want to be a Good Parent – Book 3
    Children need to be clean, healthy & warm ISBN 1873791 461
    Tips for using nappies, dealing with nappy rash, washing and cleaning baby and potty training.
  • I Want to be a Good Parent – Book 4
    Children need to be safe- ISBN 1 873791 51 8- Covers the skills needed to keep babies and young children safe in and around the home and in the local community.
  • I Want to be a Good Parent – Book 5
    Children need love- ISBN 1 873791 56 9- Includes an overview, getting ready for baby, providing stimulation and encouraging independence.

For further information, contact BILD on:

Campion House,
Green Street,
Worcestershire, DY10 1JL
Tel: 01562 723010
Fax: 01562 723029

Change publications

You can get the following publications from Change, some of which can be purchased directly from them. They use lots of pictures and very little writing.

  • Depo-Provera
  • Planning a baby
  • How you can prepare for getting pregnant
  • How you get pregnant
  • How you can have a better chance of getting pregnant
  • You and your baby 0 – 1 year
  • Picture banks on parenting

All are available from:

Units 19 and 20,
Unity Business Centre,
26 Roundhay Road,
LS7 1AB.
Telephone 0113 243 0202
Textphone 0113 243 2225
Fax 0113 243 0220

Department of Health publications

You can get a range of publications from the Department of Health.

  • Consent – what you have a right to expect, a guide for parents
  • How to bottle feed
  • How to breastfeed
  • The Pregnancy Book, 2001

This book is given free to all first time mothers in England but you can also buy it if you contact the Department of Health. All are available from the Department of Health.

Telephone 08701 555 455
Textphone 01623 756236
Fax 01623 724524

DPPi publications

DPPi publishes a range of plain English factsheets for deaf parents.

  • Antenatal appointments.
  • Deaf families – information for deaf and hard of hearing parents.
  • Deaf parent and family groups.
  • Labour.
  • The maternity ward.
  • DPPi’s Pregnancy & Childbirth DVD in BSL.

All are available from DPPi

National Childbirth Trust publications

The National Childbirth Trust publishes a complete range of books about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, including:

  • Complete Book Of Pregnancy.
    NCT National Childbirth Trust. 2000. (Thorsons in collaboration with National Childbirth Trust Publishing).
  • Feelings after Birth. The NCT book of Postnatal Depression. Heather Welford. 2002. (National Childbirth Trust Publishing).

All are available from the National Childbirth Trust Maternity Sales.

Telephone: 0870 112 1120

RNID publications

RNID publishes a wide range of information for deaf and hard of hearing people. The following factsheets may be of particular interest to deaf parents and parents-to-be:

  • Baby monitors – information for deaf and hard of hearing people, 2003.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) (DDA) – a guide for deaf and hard of hearing customers, 2003.
  • Genetics and deafness, 2004.
  • The Human Rights Act 1998 – information for deaf and hard of hearing people, 2003.
  • Middle ear conditions, 2003.
  • Newborn Hearing Screening, 2003.
  • Pregnancy & Birth: a guide for Deaf women by Sabina Iqbal.

Pregnancy & Birth: a guide for Deaf women

This new book provides clear information about the key things that mothers-to-be need to know when they are pregnant. It is an easy-to-read book giving clear explanations for all medical words, as well as plenty of illustrations and photos. Sabina Iqbal, the author, is a Deaf Sign Language user who has been researching deaf parenting issues since 2001. A panel of deaf mothers and experts from the legal DDA, information and maternity fields advised Sabina as she was writing the book.

“As a deaf mother, I found the book clear, heart-warming and fun to read” – Laraine Callow, Director of Deafworks.

Deaf fathers and health-care professionals working with deaf parents-to-be will also find the book useful. The book provides information and real stories that aim to increase deaf awareness amongst health-care professionals.

Issues for deaf women include:

  • Feeling scared during the birth due to doctors not being able to communicate in BSL in emergency situations.
  • Being chastised by staff who are not deaf aware, for not attending to a crying baby that they are unable to hear.
  • Not being able to understand the midwife or having problems booking interpreters.

An RNID publication retailing at £14.99 (plus £2.50 p&p), this book can be ordered directly:

Tel: 0808 808 0123
Text 0808 808 9000

All are available from the RNID Information Line (see Deaf and Hard of Hearing people section for contact details).

Other publications

  • Life After Birth. Kate Figes. 2000. (Penguin).
  • Annabel Karmel’s Complete First Year Planner: In association with Great Ormond Street Hospital. Annabel Karmel. 2003. (Ebury Press).
  • Pregnancy Question and Answer book. Dr Christopher Lees, Dr Karina Reynolds and
    Grainne McCartan. 2002. (Dorling Kindersley).
  • Your Child at Play – Birth to One Year. Discovering the Senses and Learning About
    the World. Marilyn Segal, Wendy Masi. 2000. (Vermilion).
  • First-time parents. Dr Miriam Stoppard. 2001 (Dorling Kindersley).

Useful books, references and bibliographies

This list of useful books/references/bibliography are very useful to assist Deaf parents and professionals, students, researchers in their research on Deaf parenting issues. To learn more on Deaf Parenting research and to share your work, please go to our Research page.

Adams (1997) ‘You and your Deaf Child: A Self-Help for Parents of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children‘ listed in Forest Bookshop (2000/2001) Mail Order catalogue, UK.

Asian Community Services Center

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– CA City Ranking by Total Population, 2000

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DWAV, Deaf Women Against Violence


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NASW California Chapter

NASW Online Home Page

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