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Press Release and Ambassadors of DPUK profiles

Please click on the link  to view / download the DPUK press release and DPUK ambassadors profiles: DPUK Ambassadors Profiles (PDF file)

What a wonderful start to the New Year 2008.
I’m delighted to announce an excellent selection of Ambassadors who will raise the profile of Deaf Parenting UK and putting us on the map.
It is with thanks to Deaf Parenting UK who has sought high and low across the country to get a good representation of the communities who can carry out the roles of Ambassadors from variety of backgrounds. As you can see from the following profiles, it is an excellent mixture of Deaf & hearing parents, academic professor/ researchers, celebrities,  and politicians of whom all are parents or have been strongly involved in families issues. 
All of our newly-appointed Ambassadors have written their messages of support to Deaf Parenting UK as follow with their profile. We hope that by working closely with them, they will assist us in raising Deaf Parenting UK’s profile, ensuring that deaf parenting issues remain on top of the agenda in influencing in policy-making on local, national and international levels.
We also have had some celebrities, including, Cherie Booth QC,  The Duchess of Kent, Prince William, Prince Harry and the Prime Minister,  who have been invited to join Deaf Parenting UK and they were so pleased to see Deaf Parenting UK growing strength to strength, being the only one of its kind  in UK and gave us their support. (See comments of support from celebrities).  

 May we reach out to as many Deaf parents across the UK countries in Scotland, Wales, North Ireland and England and make them aware of  our small but unique national organisation, representing Deaf parents and professionals who work with Deaf parents.  Deaf Parenting UK  have been recognised on local, national and international level especially on recent World Federation for the Deaf’s conference where we realised the uniqueness of Deaf Parenting UK as a national organisation in UK. We checked with other  countries and there were none like Deaf Parenting UK apart from small projects here and there, but not a formal organisation of Deaf parents for Deaf parents. It shows on how important for Deaf Parenting UK to present itself as a good model for other countries across the  world on enabling confidence, supporting and empowering Deaf parents. 

To learn more about Deaf Parenting UK  and to qualify for free membership for Deaf parents/ families, please go to
Wishing you all a prosperous New Year and may the year bring us strengths in reaching out and supporting to all our families and communities.

The DPUK Team

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