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Deaf Parents Wanted for a research project

Many thanks for agreeing to share our project information with some Deaf parents.

The aim of the research I am doing with Gary Morgan is looking at why deaf children born into hearing families have delayed social awareness. This doesn’t seem to happen in Deaf families so we’d love to have some Deaf families in our research to show how their interaction is different/better.

This project aims to look at how deaf children interact with their families.  It has been found that deaf children born into hearing families find it more difficult to develop social awareness skills than deaf and hearing children born into Deaf parents/families.  Currently this project includes 30 hearing families with deaf children.  We are looking for Deaf  Parents/ families who would be happy to be involved in our project to show successful interaction with their children.  We hope that the results of our research can help hearing families with deaf children and the professionals who work with them.

The visit involves videoing a parent playing with their child and the researcher playing some games with the child.  All identities will be kept strictly confidential.  Specifically we are looking for families to be involved who have toddlers aged 2-3years.  We will visit families twice over a six month period.  Each time we visit they will receive a £10 voucher.  More information is available in BSL.

I’ve attached some information and my contact details if parents have any other questions. I’m also available on skype. There is also some more participant information and consent forms which are available in BSL and I can send these to parents if they are interested or send them to you for you to pass them on. Any information I recieve from them is kept entirely confidential.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Anneka Starling
Research Assistant
Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre

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