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Deaf Diabetes UK is hosting 1st Conference on Deaf diabetes

Deaf Advocacy + Justice 4 Deaf People is pleased to launch + host this first Deaf-led Deaf Diabetes UK (DDUK) Conference on 29 July 2010.

DDUK Conference will provide an excellent opportunity for Deaf diabetes + for Deaf people / Deaf parents do not have diabetes are interested in diabetes matters to meet NHS Professionals.

  • Dr Rowan Hillson, MBE, National Clinical Director for Diabetes.
  • Dr Stephen Thomas, Clinical Director for Diabetes, Healthcare for London.
  • Sabina Iqbal, Chair/Founder of Deaf Parenting UK

The conference aim is to:

  • raise awareness on the needs of Deaf diabetes’s access to the NHS Diabetes Care + Services plus information,
  • develop an understanding of their access + communication needs,
  • identify gaps in the NHS Diabetes Care + Services,
  • highlight concerns + to offer possible solutions.
  • inform Deaf people who do not have diabetes to be aware of diabetes risks + preventative measures. And the needs of Deaf parents + their view about their children needs who may have diabetes.

For more information, please go to

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