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Deaf Parenting UK backed British Sign Language Bill.

Deaf Parenting UK backed Cathie Cragie (MSP)’s proposal for British Sign Language Bill.  

Asif Iqbal, Media/Project Manager:  “Deaf Parenting UK wish to announce our full support to one of our Deaf Parenting UK Ambassador, Cathie Craigie, Member of Scottish Parliament who put forward the BSL Bill to the Scotland Parliament. At present, the BSL Bill is in consultation with people living in Scotland (see link below).

The BSL Bill will benefits many Deaf people including Deaf parents and families who needs full access to BSL information and services in BSL (including health, education, social services etc), thus empowering them to have equal access.

The BSL Bill calls for everyone to respect BSL users and their language needs aswell as recognising BSL as a language, firmly integrated into legalisation with the equal footing as any other spoken languages, e.g. ensuring all information be made available in BSL, Deaf awareness and BSL curriculum be made nationally through schools and many more.

We urge everyone to support the BSL Bill and enabling Scottish Parliament to approve it before becoming an Act. It would be good that if it becomes successful then we need to call for England and Wales Parliaments to follow with this model.”

If you want more information please go to the consultation paper from this link: Scottish Parliament’s website.

If you want support her with the BSL Bill, please contact her directly by email by 29th October 2010.

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